Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Technology is a fundamental aspect of Culture. It is for this precise reason ICT and Kulture went to Google Developers Group (GDG) Innovative Open Ideas (IOI) Cameroon 2013 this 9th of Feb. This ICT event was organized by Google Developer Group Douala ( GDG Douala). To know more about GDG Douala check this link https://developers.google.com/groups/chapter/106759185500664250739/
Like all human experience a concoction of good and bad things make the mélange. Accessing the GDG IOI Cameroon 2013 was not a piece of pleasure. We took about three cabs and several bikes to arrive to the seat of the event. What mostly mattered to me was to understand and prevent the occurrence of such a situation in the future. What could have been the reason for this? we asked myself and wished while heading to the event, inside a cab, I had a Google Appi on my phone which could enable me to know places and/or where events are held in places thus easing my navigation through the streets of Douala, one of the biggest urbanized towns in the world. The idea of a Google map of events oozed out of our minds and we savored the delight of an illumination. It was vivid the idea. Normally people who go to an event, any sort, have something in common. Most of them should have talked or mentioned the event somewhere somehow. This information-leakage in cyberspace can enable mapping to occur. And since it is most likely that one of such persons uses an ICT the mapping becomes much more likely to occur. A map of an event unavoidably leads you to where the event is going to occur and  further enables an extrapolation of much more things.
It was a sunny cool morning in Akwa (Google Map it ::) ) and the streets had a fresh look. We were in a fantastic mood, ready to learn, create, share and advance. Our arrival at the Hotel Prince Des Galles, where the GDG IOI Cameroon 2013 Event was to be held, immediately led us to experiencing another experience, information ,communication and technology experience. It was like all our savoir in the ICT area became refreshed as a myriad of possible possibilities happily, danced naked, in front of our minds. We knew before entering the hotel we will not be the same again going out from it.

Google is amazing and the more you probe into it the more you realize how amazing the human brain really is. I have always wanted to know how much information a cognitive system needs to be pragmatic. One of the great things attending this event brought to me was that it led me to possible answers. We are sure you are curious about knowing them : P. Not Now… J

The event was organized around three frames of references, three different sessions. The business, community and developers points of references. We were located during these sessions of the GDG IOI Cameroon 2013 in three places, Kribi, Limbe and Andikalana.Each room harboring the sessions was as exotic as the other ones making a powerful triangulation of resources available for all. We know from our physics classes that superposition of states are a quite easy things to do for elementary particles. We wonder why we could not assist three or more events or sessions of an event at the same time while been in a unique state? Is the technology Google hangout? Or is its contextual adaptation the technology?

GDG IOI Cameroon 2013  Photo Didier De Masso

We made new friends and learned new things and albeit the difficulties we had in the morning mapping the event we came out from the Hotel Prince Des Galles with  lots of novel ideas and endless possibilities to make be.
We Believe Google in Culture so we believe in technology!!!

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