Thursday, September 13, 2012


Information and communications technologies (ICT) are an integral part of the information age which characterizes the third wave of human evolution in which we live. Our evolution seems to proceed from materialism (agricultural, industrial development) to spiritualism, kulture/kultur/culture/Culture (the information age and the virtual age). Rapid change is what specifically characterizes the information era. Since change, both present and future is unavoidable, it seems necessary to adopt a fundamentally different mental state. We have no more right to be ignorant of the changes that are occurring both microscopically and macroscopically so much blatant are they. It is imperative and crucial to be aware of these changes. Human evolution is therefore necessarily cultural and been the new wave of homo interneticus, that is “man using internet” we have to be aware.

This awareness promoted by the third wave of human evolution ensures and enables metacognitive processes (the ability to know what we know) to operate at various levels of our lives. One of the beauties of life is that we do not need to know all to live a happy life. Yet, the ignorance of some minute things is lethal. The influence of the information era on us is so pressing that we seem either brought to adapt, consequently live or remain at a larval developmental stage and so die. The fundamental problematic is that we as homo sapiens are constantly, and amazingly passing through the various developmental stages and at all ages of our lives. This implies a constant equilibrium and a constant surveillance of ourselves. We say this in the sense that we should act as singular and responsible beings. More than at any moment of our common history, the arms of time (past, present and future) are completely jumbled-up. This is what our change is all about. The future is now in everything we do, for if we want to live we ought to respect life.
This individuation (the process of becoming a singular and responsible being) cannot proceed without our fundamental Kultur and human culture. Beyond all phenomena we are unavoidably cultural beings, thus likely to change. ICT and Kulture is thus an idea of this complex interactions between ICT and culture/Culture.ICT and Kulture has as greatest challenge to adapt to rapid  technological evolutions.

Presentation of the first Cameroonian Keyboard at the Goethe Institue During the Barcamp

ICT and Kulture as an idea does not necessarily belong to an individual so much common our human history is.Because of History, which is a great teacher we cannot deny the roots of humanity, without the risk of entering into an identity crises or to the least a consciousness crises. Therefore the creation of ICT and Kulture developed from the meeting of/with different university students from different scientific and socioeconomic backgrounds with a common  passion for ICT.

ICT and Kulture aims  through its activities focused on ICT and culture (language, technology, arts) to promote the Idea of ICT and Kulture.

The objectives of ICT and Kulture are:

·               Inform, educate and communicate with respect to ICT innovations, ICT solution and ICT problems within the context of  African developing countries
  • Enhance productivity (that is how can an ICT orientated idea be used to increase well-being at all levels of human development? How can we move from theory to practice?)
  • Enhance and promote ICT knowledge and ICT awareness among women and children through education about a variety of issues but relating to women and children issues. For example Women and child abuse, women and children in human development and sustainable development etc
  • Promote and enhance cultural backgrounds
  • Promote the awareness of the human race through multicultural interaction at real, imaginary and symbolical levels 

We are aware of  global change and we understand that ICT and Kulture is liable to change.ICT and Kulture has a recent history but a long past. We are the sons and daughters of fathers and mothers who came to see the sun before us. They never could have imagined that life; humanity would be what we are experiencing now. Yet, through their hard work they laid the foundation for us. The question is if time ceased today at this very instant what will be our legacy? How would we show we were responsible? ICT and Kulture is an Idea…

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